Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Iteration 179 - Minecraft as an Artistic Medium

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In this iteration of the podcast, we start with some talk about the designed environment of a fast food restaurant. Then we get into a small discussion about automation, and how automation works or doesn't work when it comes to game design. Then Ryan gets excited about the upcoming Deadpool movie, but worries about it being a box office flop. Then we talk a bit about our recent adventures in Minecraft. And from there we get into a long talk about art in Minecraft, and how a video game can serve as a medium for artistic expression to rival more traditional art forms like painting and sculpture. We talk about how we think art will be made in the future, like in the Star Trek universe. And how we'll consume food in the universe of Star Trek. We talk about the art of curation and criticism.

References and Recommendations:

Deadpool movie:

Robert Bateman

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