Sunday, September 14, 2014

Iteration 106 - The Circle of Antagony

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A short discussion about the new D&D Monster Manual, the Paladin's warhorse, and teamwork and team-helping abilities in role-playing games. The Sims-ulationist! Josh played an hour of the Sims 4, and reports back in this podcast. And Josh goes to Interactivity again. Ryan plays around with Tri-Stat stats for Bender and Robo-Cop

Ryan discovers a monster he's been working on turns out to be an internet fetish. Sparkling mummies. What is closer to the wellspring of life? Josh says bacteria. Ryan says wolves. Ryan delves the bottom of the ocean for ideas for Cthulhoid monstrosities. If Cabin in the Woods were a board game or a role-playing game, which characters/monsters are player characters? .

So we have protagonists and antagonists, what about retagonists? Josh and Ryan tangentially touch on Eastern religion. We think prequels need to start using negative numbers, like Order of the Stick . Playing as monsters. Non-standard goals for players--what if the players just want their characters to get drunk and have as much fun as possible? .

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