Sunday, October 23, 2016

Iteration 214 - The Lamentations of the Nerdy

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We begin the podcast this week with a bit of a rave by Josh about how cool he finds the Men in Black franchise, but also a conspiracy thought about why a shadowy organization would make a chart-topping R&B dance number. And a discussion comparing and contrasting the worlds of Ghostbusters versus the Men in Black. Then Ryan brings us a discussion about race. We talk about the crows in Dumbo, and Ryan talks over Josh a bunch and it's not particularly satisfying, but hopefully Josh got his point out, even though neither of these guys are equipped for making judgments on what actually is and isn't racist. At this point, we try to make an awkward transition into an analogy between being from a culture that is being appropriated and a comic book nerd whose Batman isn't quite the same as the old Batman. Ryan expresses his inability to properly give a rating to the Batman Versus Superman film.

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