Monday, May 16, 2016

Iteration 193 - The Graveyard Battle

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We start the podcast off with some banter about learning to draw. How even if all you can draw is stick figures, that's a place to start. Then Ryan talks about another Buccaneer Days' Festival in Esquimalt, and we talk about the design of theme parks, roller coasters, and carnival rides. Then we talk about Disney Infinity shutting down, and segue into a conversation about the ephemeral nature of online games, and a comparison to the carnival. Our main topic this week is about a story concerning a battle in a graveyard that involved 200 people. From there we examine the nature of death and memory, what to do with dead bodies, ethnicity, gang violence, government corruption, religion, and whether or not this story qualifies as weird enough.

References and Recommendations:

Scott McCloud's Understanding Comics

Cemetery Terminology

Moscow fight in cemetery

"Early in the morning in the middle of the night two dead boys got up to fight" 

King Richard III's Grave Found in Parking Lot

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