Monday, March 14, 2016

Iteration 184 - Spirits of the Storm

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This is our very special Daylight Savings episode. We discuss simulating world time, and marvel at the invention of time zones. Ryan's conspiracy thought of the week: Mott's Clamato and the ancient Semitic deity of drought and Death: Mot. Josh goes on a weird tangent about how Caesars still exist in the world. This turns into a discussion on twinning cities. And that in turn turns into a conversation about the transporter from Star Trek, reincarnation, enlightenment, and the Art of War. We talk about our adventures in video games, the things we built, and the battles we fought. Ryan discovers a new cartoon called Miraculous Ladybug. Plus the remake of Evil Dead. But our main topic for the week is about how to do weather in a fantasy setting.

References and Recommendations:

Mot (deity):

Roll for Initiative:

Josh's Minecraft Creation:

Miraculous Ladybug:

Evil Dead (2013 film):

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