Monday, March 16, 2015

Iteration 132 - Death and Legos

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Happy Pi Day! Josh attempts speaking German, and we end up making fun of Sweden. Do you really want the Swedish chef by your side in a crisis? We both share our experiences in Minecraft: Ryan plays with Tinker's Construct, and Josh experiments with ranching and cattle slaughterhouses. Ryan makes plans for GottaCon 2016, and we get excited about new free stuff coming from Wizards of the Coast. We propose D&D wands re-skinned as rolls of duck tape. Josh extols the virtues of creative collaboration. And for a main topic, we watched the Lego Movie. We talk about teamwork, and why it's hard to make it look meaningful in an action movie. We talk about the philosophy of Lego, and why it's a capitalist's ideal play medium.

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Roll for Initiative Victoria:

Wind Dukes of Aaqa:

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