Monday, August 4, 2014

Iteration 100 - The Poor Security of Vampires

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Josh and Ryan talk about how they missed Comic Con and wished they could have gone, and their business plan for selling body spray at gaming conventions. Then, Ryan discusses how his thoughts on security were sparked by the incompetence of the vampire in Son of Dracula. And we move on to discussions of security in Dungeons & Dragons, whether it be the players' own castles, or the dungeons they infiltrate. And then we inevitably move on to discuss what World War II would have been like with vampires in it. And then we somehow end up on Star Wars. Then we invent the Wormwood Vampire toward the end, so stay tuned for that one, because it's pretty cool.

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And Justice for All (1979 movie)

Son of Dracula (1943 movie)

The Giant Who Had No Heart in His Body

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